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1 kindergarten

The second and third years of life are marked by rapid changes in physical, cognitive, personality and social characteristics. They begin to develop a lot of large motor skills; They enjoy simple stories, rhymes, and songs; They enjoy simple make-believe like talking on phone, putting on hat; They have a short attention span and They like to play along others but not with them. Our programmes were designed to suit those characteristics. It encompasses Islam, Physical Education, English, Fine Motor Skills, Large Motor Skills, Thematic Lessons, Mathematical Arts and Crafts, Specialist Subjects and Discovery.

Developmental psychologists view the changes as interdependent influences on the child’s development as a whole. Most models of child development understand the cognitive, personality and social changes as emerging from, and later influencing, the physical changes of maturation. For example, a child’s newly found mobility might result in increased curiosity, which motivates further strength and dexterity in her physical development. This is covered in Thematic Lessons.

Structured and non structured plays using such toys as large blocks, pegboard, toy telephone tricycle, rocking horses, water based plays, bubbles, table and chairs, play dishes, shape sorters, 3-4 piece puzzles, small and large balls, cars and trucks (large), nursery rhyme tapes, nursery rhymes books, large crayons, blunt scissors, stuffed animals are wooden animals are used to stimulate   development in a joyful way.