Tuition Fees Primary

Admission Procedures | Tuition Fees Primary

Development Fee Rp. 250.000
Registration Fee Rp. 21.962.000
Material Levy & Activities for one year Rp. 2.950.000
Monthly Fee Rp. 1.075.000
The Leader in Me Rp. 600.000
Total Rp. 26.837.000

Additional Information about School Fees:
1. The Effective Date of this price list is October 1st, 2014
2. School Fees are reviewed annually
3. The above stated fees are valid for Academic Year 2015-2016
4. All payments are not refundable.
5. The second child gets a 10% discount of the development fee
6. The third child gets a 10% Discount of the development and monthly fee.
7. Contact us for promotional Events.

*Last update 04 November 2014