Morning Gatherings : Greeting Songs, Celebratory Singing, Daily Celebrations, Celebratory Performing, Reciting Short Surahs, Du’a and Pledges (Dua before study, Dua for parents, Khalifa IMS’ Pledges)


Becoming educational institutions that: Foster and empower ummah to serve Allah SWT by following the footpaths of Rasulullah SAW to collect Amal sholeh and to live in this world as a champion and in akherat to go to Heaven.

Junior Secondary

Becoming an educational institution that: Nurtures and moves people to obey Allah SWT and Rasulullah SAW to collect righteous deeds so that they live victorious in this world and enter heaven in the hereafter.

Senior Secondary

Students at this stage are at the last chance to get the coaching and education
It is a crucial moment to instill Islamic values and principals or Qur’anic mindset before they enter the working worlds or universities.

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