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Primary School Principal

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Yulia Helwana, S.Pd.


Khalifa IMS Primary Principal

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I am truly honoured to welcome you to our school, Khalifa IMS Primary School. As a fast growing school established in 2008, it has become a second home for more than 500 amazing individuals that makes our school more than just a formal education institution.


As a school, we have strong commitment to the future of our students and we pride ourselves in providing students with a holistic education that emphasizes academic, islamic as well as the development of 21st century skills which will empower our students to excell in unpredictable future.


Khalifa IMS Primary School students are engaged in a family environment where teachers and staffs provides students with guidance and support to gain better understanding of themselves and others.


We would be pleased to welcome you in person and to show you our school, Khalifa IMS Primary School, where your beloved children will begin their amazing journey.


See you!



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