Former Chancellor of North Sumatran State Islamic University Sentenced to 2 Years in Corruption Prison Integrated Campus Development

Former Chancellor of North Sumatran State Islamic University Sentenced to 2 Years in Corruption Prison Integrated Campus Development
The Corruption Court at the Medan District Court sentenced the former rector of the North Sumatra State Islamic University (UIN Sumut), Saidurrahman. He was found guilty in a corruption case in the construction of the UIN Sumut integrated campus in 2018 which cost the state Rp10.3 billion.

The chairman of the panel of judges, Jarihat Simarmata, assessed that the defendant had committed a criminal act of corruption as contained in Article 3 in conjunction with Article 18 of Law No. 31 of 1999 in conjunction with Law No. 20 of 2001 concerning Amendments to Law No. 31 of 1999 concerning Eradication of Acts Criminal Corruption in conjunction with Article 55 Paragraph (1) 1st of the Criminal Code.

"Declaring the defendant guilty of committing a criminal act of corruption together," he said, Monday (29/11) night.

In this case Saidurrahman is not alone. Two of his colleagues, namely Syahruddin Siregar, a former Commitment Making Officer (PPK) and Joni Siswoyo, who is a Director of PT Multikarya Bisnis Perkasa as a partner, were also involved in this corruption case.

They were both sentenced to three years in prison. The three of them were also sentenced to pay a fine of Rp 500 million each with a subsidiary of 1 month in prison.

The verdict given by the panel of judges against Saidurrahman is lower than the demands of the public prosecutor (JPU), which is three years in prison. Both the defendant and the public prosecutor, Robetson Pakpakhan and Hendri Edison, expressed their thoughts in unison.

In the indictment, this case began when North Sumatra UIN received a budget in 2018 based on the Budget Implementation List (DIPA) Number: SP-DIPA- for the construction of an integrated lecture building on the campus whose funds were sourced from the State Budget for Sharia Securities. State (SBSN) with a nominal budget ceiling of Rp. 50,000,000,000.

Saidurrahman also requested that the tender committee for the construction of the Integrated Lecture Building Campus II UIN North Sumatra win PT Multikarya Bisnis Perkasa to carry out the project.

To realize this, witness Marudut SE met with the Head of the Working Group, witness Rizki Anggraini, asking for his help so that they would cooperate in the auction process. The working group committee won the company PT Multikarya Bisnis Perkara which will carry out the construction of an integrated lecture building.

Then, the development working group committee finally won PT Multikarya Bisnis Perkasa with a contract value of Rp44,973,352,461. However, the construction of the building then stalled and could potentially harm the state's finances according to the results of the audit of state losses, which amounted to Rp. 10,350,091,337.98 or Rp. 10.3 billion.
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