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“The direction in which education starts a man will determine his future life.”

1. Islam

Islam subject covers Sholat and Islamic knowledge, character building, stories about healthy mindset, du’a and short surahs. For older Nursery children Hijaiyyah letters are introduced.

2. Physical education

Physical education is carried out through a lot of FUN GAMES that nursery children love doing. The games have been designed to be age appropriate. They involve pushing and pulling; climbing; riding; crawling; rolling,; walking, running and marching; jumping; throwing and tossing; hopping; kicking and bouncing to train their Gross Motor Skills .

3. English

English Vocabulary Building is carried out using real objects, computer, TV and Montessori three period lesson. In addition to vocabulary building, older Nursery children study phonics using songs as a preparation to read.

4. Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills are developed using Montessori methodology. They cover spooning, cutting, sorting, hanging, pouring, grasping, picking up, squeezing, matching, fanning, camping, stacking, sticking and making models.

5. Thematic Lessons

Thematic lessons are aimed at developing children’ language enrichment, physical, social and emotional, cognitive development and problem solving skills. Younger Nursery children will use such familiar themes as parts of the body, colours and adjectives. Whereas older nursery children will use more complex themes such as shapes, weather, prepositions, sizes and opposites.

6. Specialist Subjects

Specialist subjects are introduced to stimulate the development of the right brain. They include painting familiar cartoon characters, animals and means of transportation; Music; Dance; and Performances. Older nursery children create a lot of three dimensional models and collages in Arts and Crafts subject.

7. Mathematical Arts and Crafts

Older nursery children will be introduced to mathematical symbols using arts and crafts. It starts with a very simple activity of making ONE Crowns, finding objects that come in PAIRS and then gets more complex but is still fun like making top TEN lists.

8. Discovery

Older nursery children play to discover the scientific phenomena. More than 80 plays are provided to satisfy their natural curiosity. The plays are categorized under Measuring Fun, Experimenting with straws, Balloon Science, Magnet Magic, Learning about Sounds, What’s the Weather, Natural Dyes, Shadow Art, The Magic of Making Rain, Science in a Bag, Shaker, Peeling, Colours, Water Play, Making Rainbows and Egg Experiments