We name our extracurricular activities ‘Community’ with an in end mind that each student finds his or her passion.  She/he should start looking for a community of people who like similar things. They need to start collecting portfolio of things they like and are best at. We classify our communities based on Multiple Intelligences. Here are our communities:


1.     Verbal/Linguistic

: English Public Speaking, Young Da’i

2.     Logical

: Math Special Force,

3.     Logical

: Coding Bee

4.     Logical


5.     Spatial

: Drawing, Comics Making

6.     Spatial/Interpersonal

: Scouting Special Force

7.     Kinesthetics/Interpersonal

: Saman, Basketball, Futsal, Swimming, Taekwondo

8.     Existential/Religion

: Tahfidz Certification of Juz 30/29/28

9.     Musical

: Sholawat Band

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