Doing School Visit is one of the ways to have strong and good relationship among Islamic Private Schools. Ar-Rafi School from Bandung visited SD Khalifa IMS on last Friday, 2nd February 2018 after SD Khalifa IMS did a visit to Ar-Rafi in January 2018.

The purpose of this School Visit is to exchange information that can be used to upgrade the knowledge of teachers and staff that will affect to the quality of the school itself.

The event was opened with Qur’an Recitation together with the meaning that performed by P6 Students and continued with school tour led by students from P6 as well

During the school tour, the tour leader gave explain to to the participants regarding our school vision and mission and also discussing all the things that they do at SD Khalifa IMS.

Last but not least, they did “Class Observation” to see how the teachers of SD Khalifa IMS deliver the lessons to students.
The event was closed with Q & A Session at the end