Assalamu'alaikum Wr. Wb.


Dear our beloved parents.

Welcome to Sekolah Khalifa IMS and thank you for your interest in our school. We encourage you to take the time to explore this school profile and to discover for yourself about why Khalifa IMS is recognised as one of the leading school.    


KIMS is an independent co-educational school serving the international community of currently Tangerang Selatan, Tegal and Semarang. Bismillah, KIMS can grow to serve many more cities in Indonesia and aboard from Early Years to University from ages 2 to 22.


Our world-class learning community offers an exceptional educational experience and builds an Islamic, connected, inspiring, engaging and happy environment for KIMS Warriors: our students, parents, alumni, faculty and staff. It fosters a deep sense of community wellbeing.

As a Cambridge School, KIMS is authorized with ID360.  Your Children’s education is the most important investment you will make as a parent. It is an act of Ibadah or service to Allah SWT as in QS AL-An'am: 162.


قُلْ اِنَّ صَلَاتِيْ وَنُسُكِيْ وَمَحْيَايَ وَمَمَاتِيْ لِلّٰهِ رَبِّ الْعٰلَمِيْنَۙ  ﴿١٦٢ ﴾١٦٢                                                                                          


Say: "My prayer and my rites, my living and my dying, are for Allah SWT alone, the Lord of all the words." On the authory of Abu Hurairah (ra) that the Messenger of Allah (saw) said,

"When a person dies, his deeds come to an end except for three:

1.     Shadaqah jariyah (a continuous charity),

2.     Knowledge from wich benefit is gained,

3.     Pious children who pray for him". (Muslim)

With those three things in mind, KIMS looks forward to being your partner in educating your kids to be successful in this world to pray for you as parents.          
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