In the world of spirit, every soul testified. A testimony is not to be denied. That Allah is our Lord, The One  and The Only God. 


In the world of womb, Allah breathed

Into him from his (created) soul, an element of life.

The physical beings become alive.

Then human spirits continue the journey as travelled beings to stive.


In the world of present, every soul is there to serve The One.

To be His slave only means a freedom, free from being a slave to none,

Free from being blinded by a toy magic wand.

As long as we live, we are there to be tested.

As long as we live, the proper path to take is doing good deeds.

Good deeds I do are for me and bad deeds I do are for me indeed.


In getting good deeds, begin any action with an intention for The one.

Conduct His commands

And follow the footpath of The Messenger on how things are done.

Then they turn into our amal sholeh, our future fund.


As an amal sholeh earner,

Every soul sould be knowledgeable to be a Khalifa or leader

A witness, a deliverer of good news and warner

Each is equipped with the needed fitrah to be nurtured.

Education is enabling fitrah to flourish in each and every child.

To be the highest honours of himself or herself, a well rounded kid.


His or best version vies for victory

Sailing each soul through the eternity leaving at least one glory

Of the three ways to reap rewards running to the next worlds

They are pious children that pray for their parents: moms and dads,

Capital charity and knowledge that people can get benefit from it. 


Live this world once, Live it as a champion.

Leave this world once, Leave it for the Heaven.

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