At Khalifa IMS we believe all K-Warriors (members of the school community) have a voice in the creation of school’s strategic direction. As K-Warriors, we have put together a comprehensive strategic plan to support our school to become the leading Islamic and Cambridge School in Indonesia.


In our goals for this five-year strategic plan, we will strive to consider our programmes with a view to our history, Key Result Areas in 3 focuses of Khalifa IMS Blueprints, missions and visions.


How do we build on 13th years of accomplishments in Islamic and international education?

What new ways of working and management processes should we apply to run a school independently and successfully in Indonesia?

What are the structures, schedules and processes we need to support student learning?

In which areas do we need to evolve our programmes?

How should we think about learning spaces throughout our school?

How do we best prepare our students for the world outside of KIMS to still hold on to Qur’anic perspectives?


Our Strategic Plan provides a road-map for the school, allowing our children to engage with and succeed in an increasingly complex world. What counts as engagement or indeed success can be as diverse as the community we serve. However, the world can be more complex and technology can develop rapidly, human akhlaq always starts from zero the moment we were born. That is why Al Qur’an was revealed to guide us to live in this world happily and to go the Heaven in the Hereafter.


To equip students in their roles as leaders or khalifa in this complex world, they do require the necessary skills, mindset and inherent characters that only emerge through a variety of learning experiences. The Qur’anic perspectives, Cambridge Curricula, Cambridge Learner Profile, KHALIFA Values and KIMS Spirits are a gateway to make this happen. Our inquiry-based and concept driven curriculum provides us with the ideal platform to become a research-led learning community. Insya Allah making a commitment to research brings with it a willingness to adapt and change according to findings for the sake of Allah SWT.


We need to be aware of our connections with and impact on the world. We need to develop a global perspective with our actions that should ideally be intended to solely serve Allah SWT. The world has become smaller with the amazing connectivity across the planet. We now witness more than a digital revolution. It can be a double edged sword as the enormous benefits of the closely connected society can just as easily generate division as it can foster collaboration. We must explicitly create opportunities for the future leaders to be qur’anically, socially, politically, ethically and culturally literate. These literacies can be cultivated by all K-Warriors


We make a concerted effort to listen because we know that achieving our ambitious Key Result Areas can be done when we listen to one another and apply what we learn to better meet the needs of students, families and our teaching and non-teaching warriors.

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