Vission & Mission



Becoming educational institutions that

1.     Foster and empower ummah to serve Allah SWT by following the footpaths of Rasulyllah SAW to collec Amal sholeh and to live in this world as a champion and in akherat to go to Heaven.

2.     Champion faithful children that pray for their elders and pious leadership.

3.     Advocate innovative and fun long life learning to spread knowledge that people can get benefit from

4.     Facilitate the development of Allah's given talens to be one's best version to live a life full Shodaqoh Jarriyah





1.     Cultivating Qur'anic mindset and qalbu filled eith Allah and streigthening ibadah.

2.     Promoting meningful cllaborative engagements.

3.     Delivering excellence in teaching and self-regulated learning with research.

4.     Empowering K-Warriors with creative ideas to foster  the maximum use of Allah's given talens.

5.     leveraging resources and opportunities in innovative ways.

6.     Positioning every K-Warrior at the heart of what we do

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